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5-Star Warranty Program

The quality of our products is directly related to the warranty we offer COMMWorld customers. All new system installations come with the ability to purchase our full 5-star warranty program. This valuable 5-Star Warranty is offered exclusively in our area by COMMWorld in conjunction with Technology Assurance Group (TAG).

This is a warranty program you can count on!

Once you purchase it, COMMWorld's 5-Star Warranty becomes effective upon installation of your new communications system and provides for replacement of failed equipment as itemized. The program is the industry's most comprehensive risk management program giving your business protection over unforeseen system expenses.

The following are just a few of the benefits that the 5-Star Warranty provides:

Ongoing Benefits

Annual Benefits

Miscellaneous Benefits

For more information on COMMWorld's 5-Star Warranty, please contact us.

Technology Assurance Payment Plan

As part of your 5-Star Warranty you are covered by a Technology Assurance Payment Plan.

Telecommunications technology is advancing at a pace never before seen in the industry, increasing the need for programs that help protect your investment. The Technology Assurance Payment Plan enables you to install current technology without large up front costs, to upgrade to new technology without increasing monthly payments and to ensure total protection of your communications infrastructure.

Technology provided today can be renewed, refreshed or replaced as required as emerging technologies become available and needed. The Technology Assurance Payment Plan is considered an operational expense as opposed to a capital investment which is attractive to the of business.

Contact us about the Technology Assurance Payment Plan today!

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