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Products & Services

Being the leading supplier of telecommunication products in Bakersfield as well as offering professional services, COMMWorld is capable of fulfilling all the needs your company may have.

The following are few of the many services that we offer our valued customers:

Adds, Moves or Changes

We understand that as your business evolves and grows, so do your communications needs. Adds, moves or changes (AMC's) are some of the regular services we provide. At a regular rate for all our customers, AMC's are essentially the basic repair and maintenance visits we make to care for and maintain your system.

Detailed Service Calls

We take great pride in providing prompt and detailed service calls and understand that your hands are tied if you have a business environment without proper communications. During our service calls, a COMMWorld technician will go to your site and repair any problems you may be having with your current system.

Seamless Networking Services

Our networking services are helpful when integrating systems of phones and/or computers. The ability to unify your system may greatly help in business ventures. We understand the more that the various communications systems that you use are integrated and working seamlessly, the better.

Fast Remote Access

In some cases, COMMWorld is able to access your communications system without having to be on-site allowing service to be quick without infringing upon your office space. In the event that a problem arises, this will allow us quick and easy access in order to resolve any communications problems that you might have.

Speedy Emergency Service

Our emergency service is a speedy and effective way of servicing your system when time is of the essence. Your customers are just as important to you as our customers are to us. We realize that time is valuable and your customers may rely on interaction with you, even after business hours. We will gladly service your communications needs during these unconventional times. Priced slightly above our regular service costs, emergency service ensures top priority.

Quality Customer Training

With the customer training COMMWorld offers, you will never be left in the dark. Training on the features of your system as well as general use is one of the several ways COMMWorld can help your business grow. After all, what is the point of providing your company with the newest communications technology out there if you or your employees can't use them?

Quality Check

Our quality check covers almost all customer service calls to COMMWorld, ensuring that your business gets the quality it deserves. We overlook nothing.

Comprehensive Site Survey

A COMMWorld sales representative and/or technician will go to your proposed site and attain all the information needed to give you a customized solution to your telecommunication needs. Every company is different. And with different companies comes different communications needs. We will only suggest and provide telecommunications products that benefit you and your company.

Telephone System Program & Install

With this wonderful service, COMMWorld is able to install almost any system you have. Whether purchased from us or elsewhere, our highly qualified technicians are capable of installing your system with its most popular features, maximizing your usability.

Voicemail Programming & Installation

Voicemail is a great way of maximizing productivity. COMMWorld would be happy to empower your business with this specialized and professional feature.

Efficient Cable Installation

At a standard rate to our customers, the installation minus the cost of supplies is an efficient way of cabling your business whether for voice transmitting, data or other needs. We take great pride in providing neat, streamlined and effective cabling.

COMMWorld Corporate Services

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