Industry Applications

Most local businesses think that upgrading to a new business phone system is not cost effective or affordable. At COMMWorld, we understand, as a business owner or decision maker, you are focusing on other priorities like managing your bottom line, analyzing your competition or trying to keeping up with technology.

If these problems ring true, let COMMWorld show you the benefits of customized business solutions. COMMWorld has experience in a variety of industries and is skilled at providing the industries most comprehensive, competitive solutions.

Below are just some of the industries we have provided telecommunication solutions for:


Toshiba and its partners provide various applications to address customer's specific needs. The following is a list of applications created for Toshiba systems.

Each business has different needs. You may have outgrown your current system or you're not getting the support you were promised or need from your brand new system, or you need an advantage over your competition. These are just a few reasons your business will benefit from a customized telecommunications solutions from COMMWorld.

Voice Processing

In today's communication-intensive business world, you need a reliable strategy for managing messages as well as meeting customer demand for immediate information. The most effective strategy is the Toshiba Stratagy™ family of voice processing systems.

Call Centers

Streamline call center functions for greater profitability.

Video Communication

Moving video conferencing out of the conference room and onto individual workers' desktops turns occasional benefits into practical every day solutions.

Better Message Management Starts Here

Faxes. Voicemail. E-mail. Text messages and more – all zinging toward your business at all hours, at lightning speed, and in overwhelming numbers. How do you manage it all? How do you maximize efficiency while attending to mission critical tasks and maintaining the responsiveness your customers expect? You need a proven solution. An effective strategy for superior communication. The Stratagy™ voice processing system from Toshiba.

Stratagy™ voice processing is a key component of the Toshiba Strata CTX – one of the most flexible digital business telephone systems available. Modular in design. Created for integration ease as a complete circuit card or rack-mountable network server. Versatile enough to add to your existing LAN, PBX and software applications. And cost-efficient for any small- to medium-size business. The Stratagy™ family of voice processing solutions is designed to streamline your operations and increase staff productivity – immediately. Maybe even before the next e-mail comes in.

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