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What began in 1991 as one man, one truck and one customer has grown into one of Kern County's most respected technology and telecommunications companies. COMMWorld of Kern County is known for providing its customers with quality products, backed by the highest customer service standards.

For over 18 years, COMMWorld has been providing voice, data and information technology solutions for business customers large and small, locally and nationwide. Many companies claim to deliver quality service, but COMMWorld is truly committed to it. Our goal is to become your technology company of choice by delivering unprecedented service before and after the sale, providing added value to your investment.

COMMWorld measures its success one satisfied customer at a time, and is committed to providing you with the quality service you deserve. We would be privileged to have the opportunity to serve you – please call or e-mail us today!

Helping Your Business Communicate Better

When evaluating your communications and information technology needs, there's no need to go at it alone. COMMWorld's team is dedicated to the success of your business!

The cornerstone of COMMWorld is first-class customer service, backed by a full line of industry leading communications products that have been evaluated for their functionality and reliability.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and are ready to assist with the technology needs of your business. We respect our customers and are dedicated to deliver... the quality you deserve!

COMMWorld specializes in the telecommunications services that drive your business. All of our custom-designed communications systems are tailored to meet your needs. We determine this by taking the time to visit your business site to see how you use communications technology. This allows COMMWorld to offer you the best solution to increase your businesses productivity and customer service.

Every communications system from COMMWorld is pre-built to avoid any future service issues and incorporates what we have found to be the best industry practices. Based on your telecommunications needs, we can customize the settings to your specific policies and procedures. Once the system is ready, COMMWorld will provide customized training manuals and training for your team. We have developed this system to make sure you get the best telecommunications solution available for you business.


To provide our customers with prompt, courteous service backed by a professional representation.

To invest in the best education and training for our staff and our customers. To continuously improve service level programs. To engage in innovative technological solutions using our sales and service expertise and knowledge. To inform our customers of accurate details while responsibly governing their system performance. To diligently pursue improving the quality of COMMWorld's service and image. To seek competitive advantage by enduring and cultivating the labors our competition cannot.

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