What began as a resident wiring business that started in 1991 has now blossomed into a forward-thinking, unified communications technology company.

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Understanding your Unique Needs All new system installations are offered with our full 5-Star Warranty Program.

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Telecom Business Solutions
  • Digital Key & PBX Systems
  • IP & Voice Systems
  • Voice Messaging
  • Voice, Data & Fiber
  • New Construction
  • Cable Repair
Business Network
  • Internet Access
  • Firewall Security
  • Full Network Service
ALERT: Toshiba Telephone System Division Winds Down

Business Communications & Phone Services

Helping your business communicate better!

When evaluating your communications and information technology needs, there's no need to go at it alone. COMMWorld's team is dedicated to the success of your business!

The cornerstone of COMMWorld is first-class customer service, backed by a full line of industry leading communications products that have been evaluated for their functionality and reliability.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and are ready to assist with the technology needs of your business. We respect our customers and are dedicated to deliver... the quality you deserve!

COMMWorld specializes in the telecommunications services that drive your business. All of our custom-designed communications systems are tailored to meet your needs. We determine this by taking the time to visit your business site to see how you use communications technology. This allows COMMWorld to offer you the best solution to increase your businesses productivity and customer service.

Every communications system from COMMWorld is pre-built to avoid any future service issues and incorporates what we have found to be the best industry practices. Based on your telecommunications needs, we can customize the settings to your specific policies and procedures. Once the system is ready, COMMWorld will provide customized training manuals and training for your team. We have developed this system to make sure you get the best telecommunications solution available for you business. Learn more about COMMWorld of Kern County »

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